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02. 02. 2017.

Bike self service

Bike self service

Modern tourists are increasingly seeking destinations that allow him to spend holidays actively and in nature. Cycling tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism trends in Europe and the world. It is important to provide a quality service support  for all visitors. Zagreb County set up 12 Mantis bike self-service stands for the repair […]

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16. 12. 2016.

“Tourism and innovative technology”

“Tourism and innovative technology”

Zagreb County Tourist Board participated on the conference “Tourism and innovative technology”, which was held in Split. The aim of the conference was presenting the innovations in the digital marketing and positive examples of successful destinations and projects . The emphasis was on the digital communication of the tourism sector with the market – innovation, […]

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25. 11. 2016.

New technology

New technology

Considering the increasing impacts of new technologies on the lives of contemporary consumers, more and more attention has been given to them. The Zagreb County Tourist Board has also recognised the need for the constant development and investments in new technologies. The fundament e-marketing tool is the website. Zagreb County is presented on its website […]

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20. 11. 2016.

Flavours of the Zagreb region

Flavours of the Zagreb region

In mid-November, we presented the project ‘Flavours of the Zagreb Region’ at the Samoborska klet restaurant in Samobor. We awarded the standard of the same name to selected hospitality facilities in Zagreb County. Branded as part of the national project “Flavours of Croatian Tradition”, these facilities have at least six dishes on the menu year-round, […]

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16. 09. 2016.

41st Samobor musical autumns

41st Samobor musical autumns

From the 18th of  September till 2nd of October in Samobor will be held 41st Samobor musical autumns The Samobor Music Festival began in 1976. as a series of classical music concerts, thanks to a group of enthusiasts who wanted to make advancements in the level of cultural development in the city of Samobor. Throughout […]

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30. 08. 2016.

Kriški oblizeki

 The announcement of 19th Zagreb county desserts festival – Kriški oblizeki. In our office was held a press conference where was presented program of this year’s 19th Festival desserts Zagreb County “Kriški Oblizeki“.

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23. 08. 2016.

“What our elders ate”

This weekend, 26.- 28. August in Vrbovec well be held  36th tourism and culinary event “What our elders ate” organized by the Vrbovec Tourist Board. Summer stage, town parking log, centre of Vrbovec, sports courts. More information:  

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20. 04. 2016.

Exhibit Vraz’s Ljubica

Exhibit Vraz’s  Ljubica

On display at the County Tourist Board at Preradovićeva St. 42 in Zagreb is open an  exhibit Vraz’s  Ljubica – a festival of romantic poetry, Samobor Tourist Board. The exhibition closes on 30 th May.

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