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Bird reserve


Sunset on lake Zajarki

South of Zaprešić, in the direction of the River Sava you’ll find lake Zajarki, which was originally a gravel pit. Further down toward the Sava there is a bird reserve Zaprešić – Sava. It is covered with woods, thick low vegetation and is criss-crossed with fluvial marches. This is a very important place for birds who build their nests there. The neighbouring Krapina and Sava rivers with their backwaters, and lake Zajarki are anglers’ paradise.

There are eight clubs in Zaprešić region that come under the umbrella of a central hunting office Zaprešić and these are: ‘Zaprešić’, ‘Kuna’, ‘Vidra’, ‘Fazan’, ‘Srnjak’, ‘Šljuka’ Luka and Bistra and finally ‘Vepar’. These clubs maintain the numbers of game, take care of the environment, organise traditional clay-pigeon shooting competitions when they also cook special meals for their guests.

In the streams of Dubravica you’ll be able to see cray-fish and otters, protected species who require clean environment for their habitat. Their existence is the best evidence of well preserved natural environment. Dubravica is also the home of a protected eco-reserve of the Čret woods, while in the Gmajne woods on Lugarski breg you’ll see a unique habitat of a carnivorous sundew, the plant which is featured on municipality’s flag and coat of arms. The plant was located by a famous Croatian botanist, the late professor Ivica Horvat, Ph.D.

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