Exhibit of the Sveti Ivan Zelina Museum

12. 09. 2011.

Exhibit of the Sveti Ivan Zelina Museum – traditional costumes of the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County on old postcards.

The exhibition runs until 26 September 2011.




18. 07. 2015.

Exhibit “A day in the village”

Jedan dan na selu-naslovna

On display at the County Tourist Office at Preradovićeva St. 42 in Zagreb is open a exhibit “A day in the village”, organized by: Sava Sutla Valleys and Hills Tourist Board (Brdovec, Dubravica, Marija Gorica). Exhibit is open untill 24th August 2015.

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17. 07. 2015.

Zagreb County Day

Zagreb County Day

The territory of the Zagreb County was part of the Kingdom of Croatia when it entered a personal union with the Kingdom of Hungary in 1102, and with it became part of the Habsburg Monarchy in 1526. Zagreb County was re-established after it was liberated from Ottoman occupation in the early 18th century on 17 […]

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